SamplePro FlexFilm

Low VOC background
Good stability for a wide variety of VOCs
Longer storage stability for many hydrocarbons compared to other bag materials
Good stability for CO, CO 2, and methane
Acceptable stability for some sulfur compounds
Very economically priced

A high background of hydrogen sulfide and carbonyl sulfide make FlexFilm unsuitable for sampling these specific compounds. FlexFilm bags should not be rolled or creased during storage and transport. Store bags flat to avoid damage to the FlexFilm material.


Very low VOC and sulfur background
Good stability for some VOCs and many hydrocarbons
Good stability for CO, CO 2, and methane
Good 24-hour storage stability for some sulfur compounds

Kynar film does not show good VOC stability for ketones and acetates.

FlexFoil PLUS

Ultra clean — low backgrounds
Good VOC storage stability
The only bag that effectively holds hydrogen sulfide!
Good stability for low molecular weight compounds such as CO, CO 2, methane, and hydrogen
Good 48-hour stability for hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, and methyl and ethyl mercaptan
Good for light-sensitive compounds
Good moisture barrier properties


Very low VOC and sulfur background
Very inert and mechanically strong

FluoroFilm exhibits poor storage stability for most VOCs and sulfur com¬pounds. Analysis within 24 hours or less is necessary for many compounds.

SKC Bag Materials and Construction
SKC manufactures its sample bags from ultra-clean top-grade films including 3-mil SamplePro FlexFilm, 2-mil Kynar PVDF, 5-mil 4-ply FlexFoil PLUS, 2-mil Tedlar, and 2-mil FluoroFilm FEP. Seams are strong, evenly sealed, and leak tested.

SKC sample bags are stocked with a choice of fitting to meet your applications. SKC bag fittings are not “off-the-shelf” industrial fit¬tings but are designed specifically for air sampling. Choose from SKC quality fittings including dual stainless steel or all-in-one single polypropylene, stainless steel, or PTFE fittings that com¬bine the hose/valve and septum into one lightweight fitting.