ML 304711 Oxidograph

ML Oxidograph™ - Equipment for determination of oxidative resistance (shelf life) in pure oils and fat

The Oxidograph is a refinement of the Fira-Astell apparatus based on the Sylvester test. The measurement is done on the primary process which makes the method very fast. The method is static which gives realistic results as antioxidants and oxidation products stay in the sample. The static method also prevents the problem of foaming.

The sample of oil or fat is exposed to oxygen or air at elevated temperature to accelerate the test. Heating is done in an aluminium block. As the sample absorbs oxygen the pressure change in the reaction vessel is measured electronically by means of pressure transducers. The signals are transferred to a PC through a USB converter to the ML Paralog™ software. Three USB converters can be connected to the ML Paralog™ software, so a total of 18 samples can be run simultanously.
The induction periode can be determined graphically by the software.

The glassware used in the Oxidograph has been designed so that no grease is needed to seal the joints. The reaction vessels are simple and very easy to clean.

ML Oxidograph™ comes complete with accessories:

1 Rack for reaction vessels
6 Reaction vessels
6 stirrer magnets
6 Lid for heater block
12 Silicone rings for reaction vessel lid
6 O-rings for reaction vessel
2 m Norprene tubing
3 m PU tubing with fittings for oxygen supply


Number of samples:        6
Operating temperature:   Room temperatur to 199 oC (proportional temp. control with zero-crossing solid state relay)
Stirring:                         1 rev./sec.
Flow meter:                    0-4 liters/min. of oxygen (used for flushing)
Data collection:               ML Paralog software™ via USB-converter
Signal output:                 0-2.5 V (6 pressure + 1 temperature)
Power:                           230 V AC (+/- 10%). 115 V AC on order
Dimensions:                   363 x 500 x 500 mm. (W x H x D)
Weight:                          22 kg