ML 3047312 Oxipres

ML Oxipres™ - Equipment for determination of oxidative resistance (shelf life)

ML Oxipres™ determines the oxidative resistance of oil and fat in all kinds of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, such as food, animal feed, cosmetics and biodiesel. With ML Oxipres ™ it is possible to examine heterogeneous products. Therefore, it is not necessary to extract the fat and oil from the products prior to analysis. The sample can be placed in the reaction vessel without any preparation.

The instrument is a modification of the bomb method (ASTM D942), which is based on oxidation with oxygen. Experiments show that the results from ML Oxipres can be correlated to organoleptic tests.
The test is carried out under elevated pressure, where the process is accelerated. The consumption of oxygen results in a pressure drop in the pressure vessel during the test.
Up to 3 modules can be connected (6 samples), and a total of 9 units (18 samples) can be connected to the same computer.


The temperature is set on the control unit. The heater unit can be heated up to 180 ºC. A stirring unit for the heater is available as option.
The pressure in the pressure vessels is measured electronically. The signals are transferred to a PC through a USB converter to the ML Paralog™ software. Three USB converters can be connected to the ML Paralog™ software, so a total of 18 samples can be run simultanously.
The induction periode can be determined graphically by the software.

ML Oxipres™ comes complete with control unit, heater unit, two pressure vessels and accessories:

1 Rack for reaction vessels
4 Reaction vessels (D525)
2 O-rings
1 Cleaning kit for pressure vessel
1 Lifter for lid
1 Charcoal filter
1 Adapter for charcoal filter


Voltage:                                         230/115 V AC
Power consumption (1 heating unit): 720W
Sample volume:                              Max. 125 ml. (The sample should usually contain 3-5 grams of fat).
Operating pressure:                         Max. 10 bar (1 MPa)
Operating temperature:                    Room temperature to 180 ºC
Test gas:                                         Oxygen (technical or medical grade)
Signal output:                                  0-2.5 V
Dimensions (WxHxD):                      38.5x68x40 cm

Recommended accessories:

ML Paralog™ software and USB-converter

For easier filling and flushing of the pressure vessels a filling station with a safety valve is avaiable. The filling station comes with 2 or 6 positions:

Holding rack for easy closing of the pressure vessels:

Calibration kit, for calibration of pressure and temperature:

Other accessories:

Reactionvessel (U-model):

ATD-tube adaptor: