ML 294722 Paralog

ML Paralog™ - Data collecting software for ML Oxipres™ and ML Oxidograph™

The ML Paralog™ software package is developed to collect and handle data from the ML Oxipres™ and the ML Oxidograph™ via a USB-converter (ML 294746), ordered separately.

Pressure and temperature signals are recorded as a function of time.

Facts about the Paralog software:

1.    Collects data from up to 6 ML Oxipres™ or 2 ML Oxidograph™, or a combination (12 samples total)
2.    Easy set-up of samples in a run
3.    Allows sample set-up in groups
4.    Displays the position of the samples in the heater unit
5.    Displays status during a run (pressure, temperature)
6.    Allows zooming of the axes
7.    Calculates the Induction Period, Life Extension and Protection Factor
8.    Allows manual construction of the Induction Period
9.    Prints a report for the sample group
10.  Stores data
11.  Allows you to pick data and make a separate report
12.  Data can be imported into Excel
13.  Password protection of important parameters
14.  Several safety alerts are included in the program

ML Paralog sets a proposed IP, which can be changed by manually marking the tangents:

PC minimum requirements:
Windows:                    7, 8.1 or 10
Processor:                   2 GHz
Free hard disk space:   Program 1 GB
                                  Test files 5 GB
RAM:                          4 GB
Slots:                          USB 1.1 or 2 for Windows 7
                                  USB 1.1, 2 or 3 for Windows 8.1 and 10
Monitor:                      1024x768 or higher
Computer system:        Desktop or tower - Do not use a laptop