Cyclohexane, 2.5 l

CAR 436932
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Cyclohexane, RS - PESTIPUR - For pesticide analysis, 2.5 l packed in Glass bottle
RS – Specific Grade Reagents RS
High purity Solvents, Acids and Reagents specifically designed to be used in the following instrumental
¡¡ Metal Trace Analysis: Superpure Acids and Ultrapure Acids for sample mineralization, Standards Solutions for AAS,
ICP-OES and ICP-MS for instrumental calibration
¡¡ Liquid Chromatography: Solvents suitable for UHPLC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC GOLD UltraGradient Grade, HPLC PLUS
Gradient Grade, HPLC Isocratic Grade, HPLC Preparative, Ion Chromatography Standard Solution, Ion Pair
Chromatography Reagents, Silica Gel for Chromatography available in different mesh size.
¡¡ Gas Chromatography: Solvents suitable for GC HEADSPACE, ATRASOL™ for organic trace analysis and PESTIPUR™
for residue analysis
¡¡ Spectroscopy UV-vis/IR: SPECTROSOL™ solvents
¡¡ Organic Synthesis: Anhydrous and Deuterated Solvents
¡¡ Karl Fischer: ERBAqua KF Reagents for coulometric & volumetric titration
¡¡ Food Analysis: Specific Reagents, acids, bases and Kjeldahl catalysts specific for food matrix analysis
¡¡ Microscopy: Fixatives, Solvents, Embedding media, Staining Solutions, Dyes, Mounting Media and Immersion Media
specific for Histology, Hematology and Cytodiagnosis
¡¡ Conductivity: standard solutions
¡¡ Electronic Application: MOS, VLSI and RSE quality according to electronic production processes requirements
¡¡ Reference Standards: Density, Refractive index, Melting point, Osmolality, Brix, Colour
Varenr. CAR 436932
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Kategori Kemikalier
Produktnavn Cyclohexane, 2.5 l
Producent Carlo Erba
Producent nr. 436932
Tarif-Kode 29021100
Beskrivelse Cyclohexane, RS - PESTIPUR - For pesticide analysis, 2.5 l packed in Glass bottle
UN-nr. 1145
CAS-nr. 110-82-7
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